Mail Depot & Liberty Mailboxes - All your shipping needs in one location
DHL, FedEx & UPS Services
at Liberty Mailboxes
DHL International Service
Liberty Mailboxes can send out envelopes and packages to most all countries  via DHL.  Pickups need to called in by 2:00 pm for same day dispatch. 
FedEx Domestic and International Services
FedEx Express can delivery your shipments guaranteed overnight, two days or three days within the United States.  FedEx Ground is available for packages that can take up to five days for delivery.  Pickup is at 3:30 pm. 
International Express can be made in one to five days (barring no problems with customs clearance)
UPS (United Parcel Service)
Liberty Mailboxes is an Access Point location for UPS.  We can hold packages for up to sevens after UPS drops off packages.  All domestic services are offered for UPS, however we do not offer international services.  Pickup time is around 3:30 pm.
With all the above carriers, we gladly accept prepaid and return service drop-offs.

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